December restaurant roundup

There have been lots of exciting finds, new openings and goings-on this month, and with all the preparations and hosting for Christmas I haven’t had much time for writing proper reviews. So I thought I’d share some notes on interesting discoveries around town – some new, some not so new.

One of the most interesting finds opened up early this month in Prague 3. Bisos is ostensibly a tapas bar, which might lead you to expect a Spanish theme, but it seems to be very varied. There’s a poem written on the wall in Italian, the owners seem to be Italian-Czech, and they do some great breakfast dishes – including a slightly strange “traditional English” breakfast featuring some delicious salsiccia and something that’s supposedly a Yorkshire pudding (!). I loved their buckwheat pancakes with goats cheese, maple syrup and pistachio, with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, and can’t wait to try their dinner menu!
U Rajské zahrady 16, just down the hill from Riegrovy Sady.


Does Fish & Chips at Dlouha  21 have a rival? I was excited to spot Ryby & Chips on Myslikova – looks like it’s only been open for a few days. Here’s hoping it’s more like the sort of fish and chips we eat at home than the upmarket version at Dlouha – also really delicious, but some days I could kill for the real thing!
Myslikova 18, Prague 2


Luca’s Pasta was another great find this month, tucked away near Andel. (Thanks to @leerichards for the tip via Twitter!) It’s a small, cheerful and informal little cafe, with friendly, chatty staff and a couple of changing fresh pasta dishes on the menu every day. Low prices and perfect for lunch. Not sure if the pasta is made in house, but it’s cooked to order in front of you. It made me think of a cheaper, more relaxed version of Pasta Krusta. I tried salmon ravioli with cream, spinach and garlic, and was very impressed – it tasted very fresh, and the portion size was just right. Nice espresso too!
Námesti 14. října, Prague 5

Fans of Sushi Tam Da might want to check out the nearby, much less well-known Bong Sen. This little Vietnamese place has probably been around forever and looks unremarkable. A friend insisted we went here here after he’d wandered in, mistaking it for Tam Da. I was sceptical, but quickly changed my tune after a bite of their fresh rolls – super fresh and bursting with different flavours. Maki and Nigiri tasted noticeably fresher than at Tam Da, or anywhere else I’ve been in Prague (for comparable prices, anyway). It’s definitely worth a visit.
Řipská 19, Prague 3

Beer lovers have been eagerly awaiting the opening of the new Prague Beer Museum location by Namesti Miru. it was meant to be open four months ago, but its grand opening has been subject to delay… after delay… after delay. It’s now supposed to be open by the 4th of January, but there’s still no exact date.


Things don’t seem to be going quite to plan at nearby El Arriero, either, now known as Fierro Grill. It changed its name early this month (I’m assuming because people kept mixing it up with that unimpressive Czech-Mex place in Andel…) after being open for just a couple of months, and it’s now closed for reconstruction until sometime in January.
Rumunska 34, Prague 2

The swanky Julius Meinl Gurmansky palac food store opened up at Mustek this month, promising the the same range of products sold at their famous shop in Vienna. While there were lots of nice things to be found, I was disappointed to find the usual Czech groceries at triple the usual prices, along with some overpriced Weetabix and Heinz tinned soup. The fresh meat and fish looked very good, and their prepared steak tartare was great. It’s nice to go for a look around, but I can’t imagine many people doing their weekly shop here! For treats or special ingredients there are plenty of pricey-but-worth-it specialty food shops around, if I feel like blowing all my money on cheese or baklava or something (which I do, a bit too often!)

One such specialty shop is the relatively new Fransýr in the Lucerna Pasáž. I got the chance to try their huge selection of French cheeses, pates and charcuterie at a French food tasting event a few weeks back. The staff were really friendly, knowledgeable and seemed genuinely excited about the food – not surprising, since everything I tried was delicious. Particularly good were their saucisson with nuts, and duck rillettes.
Vodičkova 34, Praha 1

If you’ve been to any of these places or have any other tips, I’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment below or tweet @Bohemianbites

Dobrou chut’!



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