Announcing my Prague food and drink guidebook!

I’ve been crap at posting lately. One of my excuses is that I’ve been travelling an awful lot for the past month or so. My other excuse is that I’ve been busy writing a book. It’s a foodie guidebook to Prague – part of a new series of guidebooks from a company started by a couple of American food tour guides in Shanghai.

I’m busy cramming in every bit of local food and drink knowledge I’ve picked up during five years of eating my way around the city and asking endless annoying questions. I’m introducing Czech cuisine and Prague’s most worthwhile restaurants to visitors from my perspective – as a fellow foreigner who’s learned about the cuisine and local food scene and trends completely from scratch.

I’m aiming to answer the sort of questions I had when I first arrived, and the sort of questions visitors ask me all the time. It’s pretty thorough, so it could even be useful – or at least vaguely interesting – for those who have been here for a while and are really into their food.

There’s been lots of research involved – tasting, cooking, wandering, talking to experts – which is an enormous amount of fun, but takes a while to do thoroughly.

I’m still writing it and can’t give you a release date or anything for now, but I’ll keep you posted. Once I finish researching and writing, it still has to go through the final editing and design process. I have no clue how long these things take. But I can say it will be published in e-book format this year, and perhaps other formats later on.

I hope my lovely blog readers will support me – I’m excited to get it out there and hear what you think.

Wish me luck ;)



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