If you’re planning a trip or move to Prague, you’re going to have a LOT of questions. Here are some of the blogs and websites that will tell you everything you need to know, and a whole lot more. This list is limited to my favourites: those I check regularly, enjoy reading and find genuinely useful.

Warning: you may be totally distracted from whatever you’re meant to be doing for the next few hours!

Taste of Prague If you have a question about where to eat, shop or visit while you’re here, Jan and Zuzi at Taste of Prague will probably know the answer! They’re a couple of very knowledgeable guides who run food tours of Prague, rent out a super-stylish holiday apartment, and have an English-language blog packed with comprehensive information and stunning photos.

Czech Please Prague’s first English-language food blog. You may know Brewsta as the guy who eats and reviews a LOT of burgers every year for the “best burger” list – which is taken very seriously indeed – but he visits all sorts of other restaurants, too, and keeps us up to date with the city’s food happenings.

The Eclectic Photo Diary The name is definitely accurate – you never know what you’re going to find here! This blog belongs to Amber, an English expat in Prague, and focuses on photography. There are lots of reviews of food events and places to eat around the city, but whether it’s food, travel, technology or cats, her photos are always amazing.

Artel Style Blog If you’re looking for quirky and funny observations and insights on life in Prague along with your helpful info, this is your blog. Founder Karen, who has lived in Prague since 1994, gives plenty of recommendations and insider tips.

Radio Prague The English-language version of the service run by Czech Public Radio is a cut above other local news sites. They often have useful and interesting articles and interviews that reveal a lot about Czech society or even attempt to teach us some of the language. There are occasionally interesting articles about food and restaurants on here, too. For the very latest restaurant news and reviews, this is the best website around. This active online community of foodies reviews all the newest restaurants, cafes, bars and food shops in Prague. In Czech only.

And of course, there’s Bohemian Bites for restaurant reviews and tips, but you already knew that. :)


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