Street Food Festival at Nákladové nádraží Žižkov

It’s not every day you eat lunch in a disused freight railway station.


Review: Mozaika Burger & Co.

It was a chilly autumn evening, the streets were empty. and here I was peering down through a tiny basement window into a bright, white space that seemed empty of people. The lights were on, but was anybody home? Down the steps and inside, I found that Mozaika Burger & Co wasn’t actually abandoned. A cluster of tables… Continue reading Review: Mozaika Burger & Co.

Signature burgers and cocktails at The Tavern

Prague is in the grip of a burger craze right now, and it seems like there’s a new burger restaurant opening announced every other week. Unfortunately for them, though, few of these places are anywhere near as good as The Tavern in Prague 3, a tiny place serving burgers and cocktails by Riegrovy Sady park.… Continue reading Signature burgers and cocktails at The Tavern