Where to eat near the Zizkov TV Tower, Prague

Included on many “world’s ugliest buildings” lists, this unusual tower might not be the prettiest but it has a special place in the hearts of many Prague residents. Like it or not, it’s definitely part of the Zizkov area’s charm – along with the unusual church, tree-lined streets, and beautiful pastel-coloured houses. Today the tower has become… Continue reading Where to eat near the Zizkov TV Tower, Prague

Where to eat near Old Town Square, Prague

Here’s the good news: not every restaurant near Prague’s Old Town Square is a tourist trap with watered-down beer and ‘customer service’ straight out of a prison canteen. Luckily, there are plenty of great places to eat after a hard day of sightseeing – if you know where to look. Notice that I didn’t say “on”… Continue reading Where to eat near Old Town Square, Prague

Review: V Zátiší

This venerable place was one of the new Republic’s first proper restaurants, opening its doors in 1991, and it still has a good reputation after more than two decades of service. The big guidebooks gush embarrassingly over it. Every hotel receptionist recommends it. But is all the good press really deserved? A lot has changed… Continue reading Review: V Zátiší

Review: Mozaika Burger & Co.

It was a chilly autumn evening, the streets were empty. and here I was peering down through a tiny basement window into a bright, white space that seemed empty of people. The lights were on, but was anybody home? Down the steps and inside, I found that Mozaika Burger & Co wasn’t actually abandoned. A cluster of tables… Continue reading Review: Mozaika Burger & Co.